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— Car for you while you care for your family
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We car for you while you care for your family

The two founders were paired up in their college entrepreneur class. The assignment was to come up with a business and pitch it. Kylie and Timaree had a few good ideas but nothing really stood out.
One night while Timaree, who is a mom of four, works full-time and is a student was laying in bed, she remembered that her van needed an oil change. So she offered her husband $50 to take it in for her. She was joking of course but then it hit her. If she was willing to pay someone to take her car in, others would too. Kylie agreed 100%.  And so, Auto Friend was born.

Auto Friend is a convenient, friendly service that drives your vehicle to the auto mechanic of YOUR CHOICE!

Your car is an investment that's worth taking care of with AutoFriend. We offer reliable and affordable services, so you can feel confident knowing your vehicle will be in great hands when it comes time for service or anything else on wheels-related. Our team of experts will take care of your car while you're away. We offer quality professional service when picking up, servicing and dropping off the vehicle.